SPADnet is officially launched! Please have a look at the initial press release (English/French). This has been published in CORDIS Wire and the Cordis EU R&D Newsroom, AlphaGalileo (French, English), EurekAlert, etc.

A slightly modified version has also been released (see the CEA-LETI press release in French or English).

Sept. 2010: FBK showcasts SPADnet at the general public "Notte dei Ricercatori" Event. The corresponding poster is available.

[SPADnet] Nov. 2010: E. Charbon has been invited to present a talk at the Biophotonics Cluster Meeting, Brussels. See the corresponding SPADnet presentation.

[SPADnet] Jan 2011: A first version of the SPADnet brochure, poster and project presentation are ready for download, as well as a simple flyer.

[SPADnet] Mar. 2011: E. Charbon has been invited to present a talk at the London ISE (Image Sensors Europe) 2011 conference. See the corresponding SPADnet presentation.

[SPADnet] May 2011: Within the framework of the SPADnet FET11 conference exhibition, illustrating the transition from the MEGAFRAME FET Open project to ICT Photonics's SPADnet, and in general the evolution of single photon imaging over the last decade, we presented a poster titles 'Single Photon Imaging: from Dream to reality'.

This poster features a Timeline of representative single photon pixels and imager arrays as developed from 2003 to 2011*, and illustrative applications. Two trends can be clearly identified in the timeline: a) increased complexity (gradual integration of intelligence on chip and eventually in pixel) and number of pixels (vertical direction), b) move to more advanced technologies (horizontal direction). The development cycle when moving from one technology node to the next - design of individual pixels first, followed by more complex structures - is also clearly visible.

*Emphasis on developments by EPFL/TU Delft and Edinburgh IMNS, and applications by EPFL/TU Delft, Edinburgh IMNS, Edinburgh COSMIC and SPADnet/MEGAFRAME.