IEEE TNS (Transaction on Nuclear Science) 2010, Vol. 57, Issue 5, Oct. 2010.
Title: System Trade-Offs in Gamma-Ray Detection Utilizing SPAD Arrays and Scintillators 
Authors: M. W. Fishburn, E. Charbon

ISSCC 2011, San Francisco, Feb. 2011.
Title: A 160x128 Single-photon image Sensor with on-pixel 55ps 10b Time-to-digital converter 
Authors: C. Veerappan, J. Richardson, R. Walker, D-U. Li, M. W. Fishburn, Y. Maruyama, D. Stoppa, F. Borghetti, M. Gersbach, R. K. Henderson, E. Charbon
Event/Journal, Paper

SPIE DSS: Advanced Photon Counting Techniques V, 27-29 April 2011, San Diego (USA).
Title: CMOS SPAD: from fundamentals to single-photon imaging and applications  (Invited)
Authors: E. Charbon, M. W. Fishburn, Y. Maruyama
SPIE paper 8033-07

OSA OPN (Optics and Photonics News), Vol. 22, No. 5, pp. 14-15, May 2011.
Title: Single-Photon Detection -- Evolving CMOS Technology for High-Performance
Authors: E. Charbon
Event/Journal, Paper

IMEKO IWADC 2011, Orvieto, Italy, June 30- July 1, 2011.
Title: Ultra Compact and Low-power TDC and TAC Architectures for Highly-Parallel Implementation in Time-Resolved Image Sensors 
Authors: D. Stoppa, F. Borghetti, J. Richardson, R. Walker, R. K. Henderson, M. Gersbach, E. Charbon

IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, 23-29 Oct. 2011, Valencia, Spain.
Title: First Measurement of Scintillation Photon Arrival Statistics Using a High-Granularity Solid-State Photosensor Enabling Time-Stamping of up to 20,480 Single Photons
Authors: J. R. Meijlink, C. Veerappan, S. Seifert, D. Stoppa, R. Henderson, E. Charbon, D. R. Schaart
Paper J1-4

Title: Environmental Effects on Photomultiplication Propagation in Silicon
Authors: M. W. Fishburn, E. Charbon
Paper N13-3

Title: A Multi-Channel, 10ps Resolution, FPGA-Based TDC with 300MS/s Throughput for Open-Source PET Applications 
Authors: L. H. Menninga, C. Favi, M. W. Fishburn, E. Charbon
Paper N31-2

Title: Optical Scattering Length of LYSO Scintillator Crystals
Authors: C. O. Steinbach, F. Ujhelyi, E. Lorincz 
Poster MIC9.S-253