Mediso was founded in January 1990 as a gamma camera service group with headquarters in Budapest, now employing over 100 specialists and grew to manufacturer of internationally competitive, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging devices. The R&D activity of Mediso involves not only mechanical and electric design but also development of data acquisition and image processing software. Over the years Mediso has formed several co-operations with hospitals, clinics and scientific institutions worldwide.

The most established research area of the company is the development of human SPECT systems for clinical applications. The continuous research activity of the company was recognized first in 2003 by the Innovation Prize of the Hungarian Ministry of Economy and Transport. In 2007 Mediso Ltd. received the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize for the development of the NanoSPECT/CTTM in-vivo small animal imager. In 2008 Mediso was selected as the Entrepreneurial Company of the year in European Medical Imaging by Frost&Sullivan.

The early experience on the field of PET imaging dates back to 2002 when small animal PET system development was started together with technical university of Budapest. Since 2006 Mediso is also working on the development of human PET/CT diagnostic system by the support of NKFP Jedlik Ányos Programme of Hungary. As a result of this project Mediso introduced the AnyScanTM SPECT/CT/PET system the world novelty real triple modality human scanner using a patented PET detector technology [No. P 09 00574] developed together with BUTE. In parallel with the human line the NanoPETTM/CT in-vivo small animal imager is introduced to the market employing high-end detector technology using the smallest and highest density PET detectors in industry with 92% packing fraction.

Mediso is registered ISO 13485:2003 and certified under Directive 93/42/EEC, Annex II for CE Mark.