Smart Optical Sensors and Interfaces Group (SOI)

Fondazione Bruno Kessler is a private non-profit research center working for the public interest. Established by the government of Autonomous Province of Trento, FBK conducts research in the areas of Information Technology, Materials and Microsystems, Italo-Germanic Historical Studies and Religious Sciences.  Other FBK activities include studies on networking and telecommunications, with a particular focus on government and welfare, as well as studies on the effectiveness of public policies. FBK employs 350 researchers, (220 currently writing dissertations), graduates, post-doc students, and visiting professors. FBK is organized in 5 research centres, 7 laboratories, 3 specialised libraries open to external visitors, and a number of field projects active across the Provinces territory.  FBK has generated 14 spin-offs, start-ups and joint-ventures.

The research group involved in this project is the Smart Optical Sensors and Interfaces (SOI) Group within the Materials and Microsystems area. The main research activities of the group are on the design and characterization of integrated sensors for “special imaging” and range from devices for 3D measurements to high-dynamic range digital cameras, with special emphasis on single-photon detectors for time-resolved imaging. The core competencies of the SOI group are on the device design and modelling, analog and mixed circuit design and test and electro-optical characterization of image sensors.