Institute of Micro and Nano Systems (IMNS)

The University of Edinburgh, School of Engineering, Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems (IMNS) The University of Edinburgh (UoE) is Scotland's leading research university with an international reputation for world-class research across a wide range of disciplines. In the recent Research Assessment Exercise, the School of Engineering in Edinburgh was ranked third in the UK behind only those of Oxford and Cambridge. The IMNS brings together researchers from integrated circuit design, system-on-chip design, micro-fabrication, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), micro-machining and neural computation. The Institute's facilities include substantial design and test resources. We benefit from the full suite of Cadence Design Systems CAD and Synopsys TCAD tools running on a large compute farm of SUN Ultra24 workstations. The IMNS and its original research groups have a long history of successful commercialization of research, including the formation of a number of world-renowned companies including VLSI Vision Group (now ST Microelectronics Vision Group), Wolfson Microelectronics and MicroEmissive Displays (MED).