Circuits and Systems (CAS)

TU Delft is one of the leading engineering universities in Europe. Located in Delft, The Netherlands, it is rated among the top-ten universities in Europe according to all major rankings. With an annual budget of over 450M€, TU Delft counts 8 faculties in all major fields of science and engineering. The student body was 14,299 in 2007 divided over 14 Bachelor’s and 41 Master’s programs, while the academic staff counted 2712 persons. In the same year TU Delft had a total output of 5834 publications, of which 802 in scientific journals, and 104 patents granted.

The faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Sciences (EWI) comprises 29 chairs, including the Chair of VLSI Design headed by Prof. E. Charbon. The core competencies of EWI are VLSI design, CMOS processing and modelling, microelectronics & computer engineering, software technology, and telecommunications.