On October 1 and 2, a project review will be held in Bruxelles.

[SPADnet] May 2012: L. Gasparini and D. Stoppa (FBK) have been invited to present an overview of their activities at the CDNLive! 2012 workshop. More than 600 participants attended the event. Highlights from ongoing/previous European projects (SPADnet and MEGAFRAME) have been featured as well (Photo 1/Photo 2).

[SPADnet] April 2012: SPADnet has been accepted to exhibit at the Innovation Village part of the SPIE Photonics Europe conference (Brussels, 16-18 April 2012), as part of a booth around the theme of CMOS single-photon time-correlated SPAD arrays (see full description and summary). Our exhibit is awarded the 1st Runner-up prize (search for "SPADnet") in the category "Best Innovation by a Multilateral Projet, Organisation or Company"!

Edoardo Charbon (SPADnet and MEGAFRAME Coordinator) receives the prize (search for "SPADnet") from the hands of Ronan Burgess, EC Photonics Deputy Head of Unit and SPIE Photonics Europe General Chair, on behalf of Claudio Bruschini (exhibition coordinator) and all other project participants. Congratulations to the whole team involved in the exhibition!

[SPADnet] Mar. 2012: D. Stoppa, L. Pancheri and M. Perenzoni (FBK) have been invited to present a 3 hour pre-conference workshop at the London IS (Image Sensors) 2012 conference on Sensor Architectures for 3D Time-of-Flight Imaging. Highlights from ongoing/previous European projects (SPADnet and MEGAFRAME) have been featured as well.

[SPADnet] Oct 2011: Mini-SiPMStudent paper - first place award presented to Leo Huf Campos Braga (Fondazione Bruno Kessler - FBK) for the paper N12-4 at NSS-MIC 2011. [See also Publications] Congratulations to Leo and all co-authors!

[SPADnet] July 2011: Mini-SiPM: A paper addressing the MiniSiPM concept has been presented by FBK at IEEE PRIME’11, whereas a contribution presenting the MiniSiPM pixel has been accepted for publication at NSS-MIC 2011. [See also Publications]

[SPADnet related] July 2011: David Stoppa/FBK organised and chaired the IEEE PRIME 2011 Conference (International Conference on PhD Research in Microelectronics and Electronics) held in Madonna di Campiglio (Trento) on 4-8 July 2011, see webpage.

[SPADnet] July 2011: Simulation tools: BUTE presented a paper on simulation tools for optical design of PET detector modules at the Second International Conference on Advances in Nuclear Instrumentation, Methods and Applications (ANIMMA) held at the ICC, Ghent, July 6-9 2011.

[SPADnet] May 2011: FBK showcasts SPADnet at the general public "Discovery on Film" event, organised at Rovereto’s Museum (Trento, Italy) on May 25th.

[SPADnet] May 2011: SPADnet was selected as one of the exhibits showcased at the FET11 conference in Budapest, illustrating the transition from the MEGAFRAME FET Open project to ICT Photonics's SPADnet, and in general the evolution of single photon imaging over the last decade.

Abstract: Single Photon Imaging: from Dream to Reality   

"The MEGAFRAME project has designed a camera whose pixels can detect a single photon, and compute its time of arrival, a million times per second. The SPADnet project plans to translate the technology behind this achievement to a new generation of smart, CMOS-based large area networked image sensors, targeted at photon-starved biomedical applications. Take a look at recent prototypes of the system and interact with a single photon camera. You will also be able to see images of the various generations of single photon detectors, illustrating the development chain over the years"

Corresponding Poster:Timeline of representative single photon pixels and imager arrays as developed from 2003 to 2011*, and illustrative applications. Two trends can be clearly identified in the timeline: a) increased complexity (gradual integration of intelligence on chip and eventually in pixel) and number of pixels (vertical direction), b) move to more advanced technologies (horizontal direction). The development cycle when moving from one technology node to the next - design of individual pixels first, followed by more complex structures - is also clearly visible.

*Emphasis on developments by EPFL/TU Delft and Edinburgh IMNS, and applications by EPFL/TU Delft, Edinburgh IMNS, Edinburgh COSMIC and SPADnet/MEGAFRAME.

[SPADnet] Mar. 2011: E. Charbon has been invited to present a talk at the London ISE (Image Sensors Europe) 2011 conference. See the corresponding SPADnet presentation.

[SPADnet] Jan 2011: A first version of the SPADnet brochure and poster are ready for download, as well as a simple flyer.

[SPADnet] Nov. 2010: E. Charbon has been invited to present a talk at the Biophotonics Cluster Meeting, Brussels. See the corresponding SPADnet presentation.

[SPADnet] Sept. 2010: FBK showcasts SPADnet at the general public "Notte dei Ricercatori" Event. The corresponding poster is available.

[SPADnet] Aug. 2010: A radio interview involving the FBK scientific responsible for this project (D. Stoppa) was broadcast on Radio Dolomiti on August 18th 2010, divulging the main objectives of the SPADnet project.

[SPADnet] July 2010: An introductory presentation of the SPADnet project was given at the UK FP7 ICT Information Day (FP7 promotional event) on 20 July 2010 by S. East (STMUK).

SPADnet is officially launched! Please have a look at the initial press release (English/French).

A slightly modified version has also been released (see the CEA-LETI press release in French or English).